Učitel Naživo / Ředitel naživo

Brand creation and all related tasks

This is an ongoing project for Učitel naživo and Ředitel naživo

The brief was about designing a subidentity within the clients original identity, focusing on a line of eco-friendly products. The company is a huge producer of bakery ovens and this line was not only saving energy but also producing much less emissions. I have started from scratch and the chosen concept was build around 3 leaves from original company’s logo – serving as a link – but using it freely in terms of a position of leaves within circle and also according to colour. Since the nature has so many colour variations especially in greens, no specific colour was used, but basically any green colour. Finally, it was reduced to certain spectrum but still creating almost endless combinations and supporting flexibility and dynamics of our nature.


  • Branding
  • Photography
  • Design of campaigns
  • Video shooting
  • Printing materials
  • Digital materials


  • www.ucitelnazivo.cz
  • www.reditelnazivo.cz