Jan Žižka / Medieval book

book/cover/box design & photography

The Medieval/Jan Žižka book is one of my biggest projects which took 2 years to finish. The book is related to the movie Jan Žižka directed by Petr Jákl and is to date the biggest Czech production movie. The approach to the design consisted of bringing the feel and message of the gothic period, the greatness of the the never defeated commander Jan Žižka and his message to the date.

I used the combination of gothic looking font in a synergy with a handwritten lettering and handpainted elements or even using real objects as an apple for stamping. All these elements are in a layout reminiscent of the movie screen when the book is open. The restricted but dominant colour palette focuses on the black for darkness, red for love/life and white for purity and the truth/righteousness. I created the concept, the layout, the cover, the box, the elements and even some drawings and photographs. I was a member of a group of great people who created the content and everything around the production. There is also an extended content in a form of the augmented reality. A big thanks and shout out to Martina Švarcová, Jiří Svoboda and David Surý.


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